Screaming Panda

Nick and I shared filming duty on this video for his friends’ production company, Screaming Panda. We told the kids at the park we were filming Clark Hassler for the enjoi video and they believed us. Which was cruel and funny at the same time.

This was my first time ever filming, and I made plenty of rookie mistakes. Let’s play I-spy and list them:

I probably should have crouched down and held the camera lower.

I have little concept of angles and placement.

My free arm kept getting in the way, so I made a point of cocking it behind my back. And while this is extraneous to the actual video product, I nonetheless cringe when I watch this video because I appear limper than a drunken politician stumbling out the Giraffe.

Props to Jeff (dressed as the panda) for soldering through the shoot. He did the flip a half dozen times (spraining his ankle in the process). I tried his panda helmet on and seriously, the fact he could do tricks (he was warming up with clean kickflips in full Panda garb), let alone skate, is remarkable. That thing allows for absolutely no periral vision, and the fur suit was coated in an easy-to-clean, horrifically unbreathable plastic lining. Oh, fun note: Jeff was skating in suede Uggs, which he said were not only comfortable but had great board-feel. Who would have thought the ugliest thing to happen to women’s feet might just be the most optimal footwear for New York’s harsh, dry winters.


One Response to “Screaming Panda”

  1. WTH? How can he skate in that panda suit? Yeah you needed to go lower with your camera, just a tad.

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