Bootleg Bushwick Skate Photos


It’s really tempting to tell you which reknown Brooklyn skater was spotted filming on Wyckoff Avenue this evening, a block from where I used to live, but I don’t know if that would be very nice to the skater in question.  I’m sure he treasures his privacy and wouldn’t want his footage to be seen prematurely by anybody but passerby. In fact, this skater is so private about his shit he probably would have preferred if there hadn’t been any passerby. As you can tell from the photos, he’s also a pretty creative skater. He made his name in the late 90s as a young and really great East Coast tech skater who caught the tail-end of the LOVE era before he moved back to his native New York. By the end of his most recent part we’ve seen him produce some really creative, clean skating–filmed largely around Williamsburg and Bushwick.

I found out about this rare sighting (It’s not Puleo–he’s a daily fixture on Bedford Avenue) because my buddy Brian saw it and texted me. I’d just gotten home from a day of skating but nonetheless I grabbed my pocket camera and jammed down there on my bicycle.


I was too late. I started talking to the kid with the supersoaker and he told me that the dude was grinding from pipe to pipe. Sounded pretty next level. I wasn’t sure if I believed him. I pulled the barracades out from the pipes and sized up a grind.

pipe 2

It’s quite the haul. Again, I wish I could tell you the skater because I’ve been a big fan of him for the entire past decade.

Here’s the footage Brian caught with his iPhone.


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