Poser of the Month

I guess I could just check the latest Thrasher to be sure about it, but it seems the magazine has quit doing the Poser of the Month photo at the end of each issue. Too bad. I remember when my friend Cresten Madsen (that was his middle name), who has lived in Chicago as a fine furnisher-maker for a while now, once posed a blunt stall on the back on a sofa while wearing one of those styrofoam, oversized bucket hats (skip to 4:30).

poser1This mini-quarter-pipe is outside Cairo and it took me a whole first attempt to lock in this backside bigspin pivot to fakie. Eat it, Drehobl.

poser2In honor of Andy Roy’s comeback.

poser3All that faux-skating and I’m famished for ice cream sandwiches.

*iPhone photos by Crystle Schultz.


One Response to “Poser of the Month”

  1. Cry$tle Says:

    Yeah after skating cario then
    coming back to the hood you need
    to get you some cream. Ha!

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