A Much Delayed Homage to Philadelphia

becky phillies

This post has been a long while coming–Becky and I went to Philadelphia, her hometown, in June. We hopped on the Chinatown bus for twenty bucks round-trip and spent the weekend there.

me and becky bus ride

It looks like I’m preening in this photo but the truth is I’m just trying to hide the extra twenty pounds I had gained since I quit smoking back in February. The culprits: buckets of Japanese rice crackers, deep-dish pizza slices at Anna Maria’s, and no shy amount of Coors. Regardless of my new body-image problems, I ate on this trip no less than five foot-long cheese steaks, my longtime-favorite foodstuff.


Becky, look–is that Philly?

b's mom

We stayed with Becky’s parents, who have lived in Germantown for long than Becky’s been alive. I watched a bit of the Phillies/Red Sox game with her parents, Mariana and Bruce.

b's dad

Here Becky’s dad fields (pun!) my numerous questions about modern baseball.  I felt like Encino Man I was so oblivious to the details I cared some much about nearly 20 years ago, but Bruce was nice about it.

night out

Before it got too late Becky and I hopped on the R8, which stops just a couple blocks from her parents’ place, and swung into Center City.

Although Philadelphia is a densely developed British colony and the fourth most-populous city in the US, its mass transit rail system–for its high prices, shitty hours and general infrequency–more resembles the rails of Los Angeles than of neighbor New York City. When Becky and I decided to meet up with some friends downtown, it was decidedly more elaborate than hopping on the L.

phillies sox two

Even though I’ve only recently become a casual fan of Phillies baseball (more on that in subsequent post), I nonetheless couldn’t pry my eyes away from the televised game at the first bar we ended up at. Becky’s super good friend Shanna had just landed a job at the production company she’d been interning at, so we all celebrated at a couple of Philly’s finest establishments.


In honor of drinking in Philly I exclusively drank Yuengling, the Chinese beer that made Philadelphia famous.


This is Shanna, one of Becky’s hella og friends who throws the shocker because she thinks it’s funny when pretty, unassuming girls throw the shocker and you know what she’s right.

shawna boyfriend

Shanna’s boyfriend, Vince, reminds me of my friend Logan Galanits from Baxter, which is to say he is good people.


Not-so-good people in attendance included patrons who had pee’d in the coat room, like this guy who got choaked out of the bar.

b room

Later, we all headed to an after-hour spot called Pen and Pencil, and the only way to make it in is to roll with someone who works in Philly’s restaurant/bar industries. They are very strict about this rule because they want the club to exist as a bar for people to go to after they close out the city’s bars and restaurants. Makes sense.

koston rail

I showed Becky the rail that Eric Koston noseslid, back when the X Games were only an excuse to frontside kickflip over the head of asshole Mayor Street who subsequently made skateboarding at LOVE highly illegal (to the tune of $300 in fines + board confiscation) the very next year. front board

I skated a part of City Hall I had never seen in the videos.


This photo doesn’t tell the story but minutes before Becky took this photo of me I walked up to one of the closest ledges. Wow, I thought as I put my board in a noseblunt slide position and slid it back-and-forth, this is the ledge Josh Kalis skated in Anthony Pappalardo’s part in I.E.–and it’s still waxed!

Immediately a cop came striding over to me. “Hey!” He was agitated but I said “What, I wasn’t skateboarding. What’s the big deal?” Well. After ten minutes of a very questionable amount of leading questions and antagonization–he threatened, of course, of the fine and the confiscation–his partner later came up to us and apologized for him being such an “asshole who treats people poorly to feel better about himself.” No shit! The incident incapsulates the worst and best exchanges I’ve ever had with cops about skateboarding.

take it in

Certainly not about to skate, I stood around and just took it all in. I could describe trick-for-trick some amazing parts that have been filmed here but I’d rather just  let it be.


I was pretty petered out by the time Becky and I got back.

becky porch

And while Becky summoned me from the porch like a baby cocker spaniel, it wasn’t until the next day at Jim’s Steaks I felt myself again.

philly staples

Aah! Philadelphia’s three most-celebrated classics!

word on the street

I talked to this yahoo about autoerotic asphixiation for Street Carnage before hopping back on the bus to New York.


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  1. maybe you could post the photos on FB now???

  2. You’ll have to show me how to do that.

  3. what are you retarded or something???

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