Manhattan–Back to the Banks

I went to the Back to the Banks contest today with my buddy Joe Hamilton. Both job-seeking professionals looking for free shit to do involving cheap shit like skateboarding, we skated from Williamburg across the bridge and down through the Lower East Side projects. There we made a pit stop at the skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge, which recently received a smattering of wavy Euro ledges. Good looks, Billy. It was snake central there, however, so we cruised the block to the skateshop.

brooklyn banks 017

brooklyn banks 020

Oh, they serve tallcans of Arizona ice teas, in addition to fresh loaves of potato bread and 5Boro decks?

brooklyn banks 023I could not get over it. A bodega that sells skateboard decks. Too fucking rad. It’s cliche but… only in New York.

At the Banks we saw a teeming mass of skateboarders. It was choatic. Right away we saw Joey Brezinski, Braydon Szafranski, Jerry Hsu, Chad Muska (rocking an old school Raleigh cruiser bike replete with handlebar basket!), and Josh Kalis. Joe almost bumped into Muska, and after we got around him he turned to me like a 12-year-old, “That was Muska!” which cracked me up. Joe grew up in Tasmania, so seeing pros in real life is still really something. It was just in SF that I spied a guest list at a metal show and, not believing my eyes, pointed to the list and asked the door guy “Does that name read ‘Brad Staba’?”.

As I said, there were far too many kids to see much of the skating, so Joe and I walked up to the little banks and paid homage.

Soon enough we headed back to the skatepark under the Manhattan bridge and had a session. After a couple close-calls with snaking kids, I peaced out to Joe and pushed back to Brooklyn. We both agreed to head to the skatepark and to the banks again this week.


3 Responses to “Manhattan–Back to the Banks”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Does this mean you got layed off? I dig the Sebastien Grangier interview, by the way.

  2. Yup. Laid off.

  3. Clayton Says:

    Fucking weak, dude. It’ll work out. To quote my favorite Marin County teen-prodigy, ‘Keep ya head up’.

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