Andy Roy–The Big Brother Interviews

andy-roy-3[photo without curtesy from Tobin Yelland]

Re: Should Andy Roy Bother?

Sk8DaD: I live in Modesto. Andy Roy is my neighbor..I’ve been reading all this crazy stuff about him and I gotta say I jus don’t believe it. Andy is a mellow, down to earth guy who is happily married..He seems like a typical guy. (Over look all his tattoos) and you see a guy who loves animals, him and his wife are always out walking the dogs, he keeps his yard looking good and all the kids in the neighborhood love him..His wife is super sweet and inside their home is very nice. I have never seen him acting crazy, cursing and I have definitley never thought the guy was on drugs. Anti Hero should take Andy back. He’s dedicated to skating and thats what he’s all about. I’ve been to the park with him many times and Yes he should bother. The dude is good. He may have been someone else or done whatever in the past but hey..people change…Give the guy a break!

 People have been talking a lot about Andy Roy ever since this came out. Thanks to a very fastidious message-boarder, I’ve copy-and-pasted (and cleaned up) below two full interviews Dave Carnie did for Big Brother in between Any Roy’s stints in jail for being a crazed junkie bandit. Remember those Spitfire t-shirts in California Cheap Skates that said “I hate Andy Roy” on the back? That wasn’t a joke.

This video, from Consolidated’s 1996 Number 1 video, predates all this stuff by a couple years.

Afterlife: Andy Roy (Big Brother, Nov 98) 

Interview by Dave Carnie Photos by Gabe Morford 

So are you completely done with skating? 

Done skating? Fuck no. I’ll come back from the dead. 

Your career is over though, isn’t it? 

Fuck no. How could my career be over? I ain’t dead. 

But I thought you got kicked off everything? 

It don’t matter. I can still show up and skateboard and have fun. 

Well, what happened to you? I’m assuming it’s all heroin, right? 


When did you first do heroin? 

I did it about two and a half years ago with some friends I grew up with. I didn’t know what they were doing. They were passing around some foil with some black shit on it. It smelled like shit. They just passed it by me, and I was like, “What is this?” They said, “Try it.” I tried it, and it tasted like shit. Didn’t get high the first time. Then I took off on a skateboard trip and came back. The same people in the same house; I went back and did it again. “Let me try that stuff you guys are doing.” So they gave me some and I did a lot more. I ended up running, dashing for the front door, puking everywhere, out my nose. But then I got super high, you know? Then I just started doing it, and kinda liking it. If you do it more than three days, you’re gonna fall right into it. You get sick, shit your pants, you get achy, get a runny nose, you can’t do nothing if you don’t have it. Just like a car need gas to make it run–that’s how it is. 

So it’s way worse than speed withdrawals or anything like that? 

Yeah. It’s the most fucked thing ever. 

So how long were you doing it for? 

For, like, a good two years, every day. Chasin’ it. From as soon as I woke up until fuckin’ four in the morning. Just chasing it. 

This was when you were on Anti-Hero too, huh? 

Yeah. It got real bad toward the end. I didn’t know how a drug could take you like that, snatch you up. I had no idea. 

Junkies are notorious for stealing and doing fucked-up things. Did you do any fucked-up things? 

No. I never stole from no one. I will never steal. That’s one thing that I don’t do. I hate thieves. I just can’t steal, you know, but I’d give my friends rides to malls, and they would run in and grab pants and clothes and run out the store and jump in my car as the getaway car and take off. The security guard would come out. We’d run ’em over, do whatever we had to do to get away. Cover the license plate with a T-shirt. I just did stuff like that. I’d trade skateboard product for stuff. You see all the Mexicans and the blacks walking around in skateboard shit, like they’re all sponsored. 

I’d always hear things from Mic_E Reyes and Julien Stranger and people, that they would try to find you to get you to do a video part or something, but you were always just hiding out and no one could ever find you. 

No one could find me. Disappearing act. 

How did you get stuff? Did you just go lurk at Deluxe once a month? 

I wouldn’t even do that. I haven’t even seen any of those people in over six months. Mic-E thought I went in there and had the secretary forge checks to my name. That’s what I heard. He forged his name on my checks, you know. I think he got caught or whatever, so he said that I went in there and got the checks written in my name, which is not true. Why would I want to steal from them? They’ve never done nothing bad to me. They’re good people down there, except for fuckin’ Mic-E, that dick. 

How are your teeth doing right now? 

Oh, they’re fuckin’ rotting away. Three more are gone in the back. My breath stinks. It’s all right though. Instead of using dental floss, I use shoelaces. 

What made you decide to clean up? 

I just looked in the mirror. I looked at myself, and gettin’ heat from everybody around me. I sat in a room once with a bunch of people and I looked up and all it was was heroin addicts. It just made me realize that this ain’t me. I’m a skateboarder. I’m fuckin’ 100% skateboarder, and that’s what I need to do. I worked too hard to get where I was at. I just want to skateboard now. 

You’re one of the strangest skaters out there, ’cause you’re one of the most hated but at the same time one of the most loved. You gotta come back. 

Yeah, the people I’m around are the people I love, and those are the only people I want to be around. Everyone else can fuck off. There’s only a chosen few. Those people I love and maybe I’ve burned my bridges with them, but maybe in the long run, they’ll take me back. It’ll take a long time, but if I show them that I’m out there skating, maybe we can hang out again. But I’m not gonna be forgotten. I don’t want to leave. I’m here forever until someone kills me. 

So how did you go about cleaning up? 

I just moved to my mom’s house and locked myself in a room and sweated and shitted and just got it all out of the system. Shitted for seven days. It’s nasty, man. It’s horrible. Get all skinny ’cause you can’t eat. You gotta eat Jell-O, yogurt, soup, stuff like that. Your muscles get real sore. They ache until you feel like chopping them off. Can’t do anything. You’re just a helpless piece of shit. 

Did you hallucinate and stuff? 

No, it’s just that your body can be controlled like that. You cannot even pick up a glass of water, you’re so weak and feeble. I don’t ever want to be like that again, run by a drug like that. That’s not me. That’s not Andy Roy. I want the kids to know that drugs aren’t no joke, you know. If you’re gonna play, you’re definitely gonna fuckin’ pay–that’s the bottom line. 

It sounds like you got kind of lucky. You always used to glorify drugs and alcohol, just like we do, but it sounds like you met your match on that one. 

Yeah, man, this has been the hardest battle ever. It took a long time for me to realize, with hiding from people and all that, just doing what I was doing–it was not me. I’m ruining my name, my name went down the toilet. I want to get that respect back. It’ll take time. 

A lot of people I’ve been talking to think you’re not gonna be able to make it, like if someone offers you heroin again. 

No, no. I’m at the level where I worked to where if it’s in my face, I can say no. But I’m not gonna put myself in that place. All my old friends, I’ll say hello, but that’s it. I keep riding down the street, because I don’t need that. If I do it once, I will do it again and again. So all those old so-called friends, bye-bye. They can all fuck off and die. 

So how long have you been clean for now? 

It’s been 22 or 23 days. 

Have you been drinking at all? 

No drinking at all. 

So how are you feeling? 

I feel all right. It’s still slow and weak. My body ain’t completely built back up, but it’s getting there. It’s just day by day; you’ve got to take it day by day. That’s the only way. 

So you’re skating again now, huh? 

Yes. I’m skating a brand-new park in Modesto where my mom lives. It’s cement. It’s a good park. I’ve been skating there every day. Now I’m in Santa Cruz, kicking back, and I’m gonna go skate some local ramps today. Just skateboard, you know, and hang out with some youngsters that don’t fuck around. Hang out with some good people. Everyone says I’m weak and I won’t make it; I’ll prove them all wrong. I’ve met my strongest battle, and I beat it, so I know what I’m all about. People still want to judge, let ’em go ahead. I know. I’m just gonna keep skating. I wanna find a team that I can ride for, just to skateboard. I know it’s gonna be hard for some team to want to take me on, but I’ll do good for them. 

[Original Blogger’s Note:] I don’t have a scanner but the pictures are a sequence of a rollout on a mini where he boneless varials in to buttboard landing, with caption “Sequence: Andy dismounts his steed, then remounts, upgrading to first class, traveling in comfort; mirror to a simple life cycle of mounting and remounting an invisible horse that runs circles ’round life and death.” The other picture is a chipped-tooth portrait with his “100% trouble” hand tattoo on display. 

andy-roy-2[Recent photo from the Vans blog]


Andy Roy June 2002 

Big Brother

Interview by Carnie 

All right, Andy, what have you been doing? 

I’ve just been skating a lot. They released me from jail, and I’m in a program now called New Life Center. I’m there for three months, and they make me got to church, they make me work the 12 steps in the AA book. On the first step, that’s where you’re powerless over your addiction, and your life is unmanageable. Hey, my life has been unmanageable for a long time. So they’re going to have to put in extra work with me. 

Lets back up you went to jail for drugs the first time, right? 


And then you got out, and I think that’s when we did your last interview, and then what happened? 

Yeah, I relapsed. That’s what they call it recovery. You relapse. I just went back to the streets, and I did good for like the first month, you know I was skating, but then I started running into people that I was in jail with, and then, when you do that, your old mind comes back. You know, I could just use once, no big deal, and then it just overpowers you. Boom! You’re back in your old ways. Home invasions. You’re robbing people, taking dope dealers’ drugs, and you get scandalous. Its shady. 

Did you go for people’s houses or for stores and stuff? 

You go for all the stores, you go to Rite Aid, Longs, Blockbuster, the Warehouse, get CDs, clothes, and you sell them to all the Mexicans. And you go to all the taquerias in Santa Cruz. And youÂ’d knock on the back door, and you just unzip your duffel bag and bring out all the clothes. Twenty dollars for pants, $20 for shoes. Just a whole wardrobe. That’s just quick money right there. And then I’d walk into Rite Aid, “Security to the office.” So I started wearing those out ’cause you’re going every day, stuff it down your pants. I got scars from CDs and cutting my legs from the plastic. I got thievery scars. So when you wear that out, you get real scandalous. When I’m going to want something, I’m going to want it, and I want it now. So you call these dudes and go, “Hey I need to meet you,” and then they pull it out, and you just take it from there. And now we’re just taking everyone’s stuff. And we took this dudes stuff, I got him into the hotel room, and he had that crystal meth stuff, and I was with my big friend that’s been to prison, and I got him in the room, and he pulls it out, and we just take it, “This is out shit now.” So he was getting it from some pretty heavy hitters, so now they’re looking for us with guns. So now I gotta call my heavy hitters and let them know whats going on, and it got squashed. But it just gets shady like that. 

Yeah, yeah. 

You know, now we’re getting looked for with guns, and they’re freaks, those people on drugs, they don’t think right, so you gotta be on your toes, and its just really scary because anything can happen, and people don’t care, but when you’re addicted to drugs like that, it don’t matter.

The second time you went in, you like went seriously to prison, right? 

Yeah, dude. Its just, they don’t want it no more. The judge sees you, and they cancel your probation, and then your prison bound, you know? Its seriously hectic. I’ve never been to prison, but they wanted to send me there. This time if I mess up, they’re going to give me three years in prison. 


But then there was that jail farm where they called me Spider, and I did all that crazy stuff. I’m not allowed there because I did bad stuff there, so then they sent me to a medium facility, and I did bad stuff there, so now I got stuck in County. 

What was the bad stuff you were doing? 

Well, you fight with people when you want to fight. You fucking go to the bathroom, and you fight, and someone keeps point, and you bring your coffee cup in or your shaving razor in. I stabbed some fucking dude in the hand. 

What was that over? 

Well, there’s a lot of politics in there. And a white dude stole from another white dude and had started a fight in between the guys, in front of all the eses, all the Southerners, ’cause I kick it with the Southerners, and when two white people fight in front of people, that makes us look bad, so therefore I had to take him into the bathroom and handle it, you know? ‘Cause they trip us. “Whats up with your people?” you know? That makes you look bad. “Don’t worry, I’ll go take care of it right now. Come into room 13, we gotta take care of this.” Close the bathroom door and he takes his beating, you beat the fuck out of him, shits his pants and it gets crazy. 

Tell us about your new nickname. 

Oh, the Snuggle Bandit! Well check it out. I’m horny, I don’t got no shame in my game, you know? And, uh, when they jump in the shower and they come back to the bed. I’ll be on their bed, and IÂ’ll just kick back on their bed and go, “Hey, come on, let’s hang out.” And they’ll lay down, and I’ll corrupt their minds, manipulate them. ’cause I’m a good manipulator. And then I’ll vandalize their bottoms. There’s a variety. There’s bubble butts, some with flat asses– 

God, Andy, you’re fucked. 

I like girls too though. Don’t get me wrong. But you gotta deal with what you got. And I make fifis for all the Mexicans. You get a towel and a Glad bag, and you roll it up and tie a rubber band or a shoelace or just bed strings from your sheet or whatever, tie it around and its safe sex. I sell them for two bucks a pop. I made like $15 in half an hour. 

What’s stopping the other guys from making them themselves? Are they just retarded? 

They’re Mexicans, like, they’re real shy and stuff, so they’ll go close the door in their cell, and they’ll use them. The white dudes, they all know about that, and then plus they got me, the Snuggle Bandit. 

The Snuggle Bandit. 

You know, they play hard to get at first, but the manipulating side of me can get whatever I want.

Holy shit. So, what’s going on now? Now you’re in a 12-step program, like a little house they won’t let you out of?

Yeah, like I gotta curfew, I got meetings, relapse prevention, codepndency, just stuff to deal with your anger, anything that triggers you to want to go use. 

Have you gotten the urge to do the shit? 

Oh, definitely. I see some of my friends downtown and misery loves company. And just because I’ve been in this New Life Centre and got to work on my anger and all this stuff that triggers me, I can prevent that from what I learned in there, so when I see someone, and I’m usually around with clean and sober people ’cause that’s my support. I need that stuff. This is the first time I’ve acted like this. Usually after a month, I’m gone. Once I use once, I disappear, you can’t find me. I’ve been in this program two months, I’m with Jason Jessee and I’m around good people. 

Jason’s taking care of you right now, huh? 

Yeah. He’s looking out for me, and he asked me to skateboard for him, and he’s been my fucking mentor forever. 

So, you getting a board on The Driven now? 

Yeah, got a board coming out in a week or two. 

Right on. 

And whatever money I get, he’s gonna put in the bank, just ’cause I don’t need to fuck with money right now. ‘Cause a little bit of money could trigger me. 

What about Jay Adams? Is Jay out right now? 

Jay just out of Hawaii prison, and I think he’s in like the work-release-type program I’m in, and I just talked to him the other day, and he’s got two years clean, and if I’m going to listen to anyone, I would be him. Because I ran with him on the streets of Santa Cruz when he came here, and we fucking destroyed this town and punished people and ran over old ladies and gave my herpes to every girl I could. I will never get my herpes taken care of, I will have them forever. I love herpes because when they flare, it’s on like Donkey Kong. 

Oh my God. 

So, Jay has been through so much shit, and he told me, “You could skateboard and make money, but moneys money. You need it to survive, but you could fuck with that shit later on when you’re old. Right now, go travel and skateboard.” So that’s what I’d like to do. And he’s gonna be here this summer, and we’re gonna jump in an RV and just punish people sober. 

Punish people sober! 

Yeah, ’cause I’m finally getting my personality back and feelings. 

‘Cause that shit turns you into a zombie, huh? You just fiend for that shit and you’re shallow inside. 

Yeah. ‘Cause that takes everything, your feeling, your pride, and you’ll hang out with people that you hate, but just because they got the shit, you’ll hang out with them, and that’s not Andy Roy, and that’s why I gotta redeem myself and fuck people up. Yeah, I’m doing what I gotta do, and I can’t wait to go to a contest and see people like Jim Greco. Punk rocks dead, what? Tight jeans and spiked hair? 

I beat him up at my house because he disrespected my place, and I broke my finger on his head. 

If you ever have problems Dave, I know how to pull sneak attacks. 

Yeah, I’ve decided I don’t want to fight anymore. He’s apologized a couple of times since, so I don’ bear him any grudge. Jim’s cool. 

If I see him, I will make him come up to you on his hands and knees and say sorry. I will make that happen. He would get raped in prison. He would be washing peoples underwear. He would be a little girl in prison. So, if he wants to keep doing that, he’ll find out. 

Well, Andy, I’m psyched for you, you sound great. I’m glad you’ve made it to the other side, and I hope you don’t fuck up and relapse or anything. 

Yeah, and it can happen you know. I just take it day by day. I’ve been in rehab before. I know what the language is. I’m in recovery now, and everythings going good. And everythings going well.andy-roy1

Photo: Zaslavsky

I also saw the interview in Thrasher and it’s what got me thinking about Andy Roy in the first place.  As youngin’ born in ’83, the little I knew of Andy Roy coming up was of whatever scary mention of him I found in Thrasher  or, gasp! Big Brother. He was the living, breathing incarnate of those crazy, fucked-up skateboarders in those PSA announcements. Andy Roy was the real scary shit, and his expression above seems to mock those who were right to believe the hype. I linked to Phelps’s interview last because the interviews make more sense chronologically.

Here’s a random part from Andy Roy when he was a kid in 1991 and on Sims.

3 Responses to “Andy Roy–The Big Brother Interviews”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Great post dude. I had no idea!

  2. Rad man I remember reading the Big Brother 2002 interview but for some reason I thought they called him something else besides the snuggle bandit, I thought he had it tattooed on his neck before the Black Flag bars.

    The fact is Andy Roy is a Die hard 100% hardcore skater, to the day! I’ve always been a fan regardless , I’m very glad he’s still in the game.
    Keep Pushin Andy!

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