Danilo Went Filming With Alex Klein in Gaza

Like a lot of people our age–especially Jewish people our age–Danilo mentions now and again the time he went to Israel. He mentions it as it relates to something, just as I mention I’ve been to Denmark. I figured his trip was a comparably touristy homage to a distant heritage. In fact, Danilo was paying homage to his skateboard’s heritage as much as he was to that of his bloodline. It’s shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that this needlessly modest dude  additionally failed to mention he was out there as a second-camera operator for a soon-to-be-released documentary called God Went Surfing with the Devil.

slapLike anybody I check SLAP everyday, and like most I read the interview between editor Mark Whiteley and the apparently former City pro Alex Klein. Apparently that freebie Crime in the City video Clayton lent me (which I–oops–never returned) was Alex’s last part. It was a damn good one, filled with plenty of switch ledge-work and nice, four-trick lines. Take two and a half minutes and watch it below:

Rad, huh? Well, Alex isn’t filming lines anymore; he’s directing the filming of Israeli/Palestinian conflict surfing, and somewhere before then he figured out how nice Danilo is with the camera.

Check out this gnarliness from the SLAP interview. Keep in mind, of course, that when Alex says “we”, he really means him, some other dudes, and our buddy Danilo:

“In Gaza, there’s more danger. We got in trouble with the authorities there because they thought we were spying. It was our last day in Gaza, and right before we were going to leave, we got arrested by several Hamas guys and taken to jail. But probably the most dangerous thing occurred later that day, after we’d been released from jail. We were crossing back into Israel, and we weren’t sure of the procedure. We didn’t realize you needed to phone ahead before crossing this “no-man’s land.” We started walking across it, then stopped and turned back because something felt wrong. We found these German aid workers and asked them what to do, and they showed us this little booth that we needed to go to, to call ahead. If we hadn’t turned back, we most likely would have been shot.”

Jesus shit, dude. If you clicked on one of the links above you would have read how Danilo “handled his duties as underwater filmer with exceptional aplomb, the single exception being the time he almost drowned.”


2 Responses to “Danilo Went Filming With Alex Klein in Gaza”

  1. Hey Pee tur(d) –

    Digging the blog action. Pete is killing it at life it would appear.


    your friend in Iowa

    • haha. Thanks buddy. But you know how blogs go–you only post the happy, positive stuff.

      When are you heading to nyc next? Whenever I go to 12&A I expect to see you there, eating a sandwich or something.

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