Long Distance Ain’t So Bad…

…When  you’re only gone a week and this shorty-doo-wop is dating your ass:

 me:  hey


 Rebecca:  heyyyy

I miss you!

 me:  I miss you, too!

 Rebecca:  i”m totally waisted

 me:  but you had a good day, then?

 Rebecca:  I ahve had the craziezt weekend ever

 me:  really?

do tell.

 Rebecca:  yeah last night I didnt get home till 6:30 I went to this place called the chicken hut in bestuy to see Ethans band

 me:  yeah? Was it a fun party?


 Rebecca:  it was fun Ig uess but sort of insane.  when we got there I felt super super old. I felt like they might ID me and be like “sorry this is a 25 and under event”

 me:  you should hit enter every now and again because otherwise the suspense becomes too much for me to handle.

 Rebecca:  hahahaahah

you are adorable

 me:  thank you!

“25 and under” come on. You don’t look a day over 24.


 Rebecca:  anyway ellen ended up swapping spit with some dude all night and Lizzy ate mushrooms and didnt tell anyone. Kristin left early cuz of work and CLaire got sick off of Jameson and there was little old me and my camera

 me:  you’re sorta rusty on the im etiquette, huh?

 Rebecca:  fick off!


 me:  “fick” off you selt.

 Rebecca:  you selt


 me:  you selt: touche

but wow!

that sounds like a fun, photo-friendly evening!

 Rebecca:  I got some picks I am gonna post them all tomorrow

 me:  cool!

 Rebecca:  I got a  lot of people asking me iof I post my shit anywhere

 me:  have you posted on your blog today? I haven’t seen it since last night.

 Rebecca:  no I havent had time

 me:  oh yeah? And you’re like Thrasher? Vice?

 Rebecca:  since i went to bed at 6:30 and woke up at 3:30 I didnt have time to post

HAHA I found myself having to spell my name over and over again

 me:  becky, you must persevere if you want to make it as a party photo blogger!!! This life is not for the weak!

 Rebecca:  I know! I think I can handle it


I think…

 me:  really? how tough is it to spell “Mic-E B”?

 Rebecca:  haha wwell my blog is not mickeyb

 me:  I guess you gotta explain the hyphen…

 Rebecca:  its rebeccamcnee.wordpress.com

you say that five times fast to a drunk ass hole

 me:  no, you’re right; your blog is “just another hipster with a camera” blog.


Oh, sure:






fuck yeah!

 Rebecca:  no I changed it to “NOT jsut another hipster with a camera”


 me:  ahm, you misspelled your own blog, sweetie.

 Rebecca:  HA I missed the L

I cant be held accountable right now

 me:  Becky? Can we lose the word “hispters”? Hipsters are great, but you’re not one of them.

 Rebecca:  you have no idea how much free wine I have been hadned

HAHA you awesome for tjhat

 me:  “I cant be held accountable right now”: first sign of alcohol dependency.

 Rebecca:  says the alchoholic

 me:  sorry. I reads sem like I sees sem.

 Rebecca:  well then we are a match made in heaven

 me:  “sa



 Rebecca:  HA

 me:  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


[awkward pause.]

 Rebecca:  am I boring you?

 me:  [sips beer.]


this is the most fun I’ve had all day!

 Rebecca:  HAHAH good

hav e you been stressed out?

god I cant stop wont stop with the typeo’s

 me:  no. Actually, I’ve been in a really good place this stop.

 Rebecca:  good

 me:  awe, fick it!

 Rebecca:  fick



 Rebecca nice and tight
ok really goodnight My little Peter Wabit
 me good night [don’t ever fucking call me that ever] sweetie!
 Rebecca HA goodnight.
 me :0
[that’s my o-face.]

 Rebecca Oh Oh
 me 0

   me: good night.





Rebecca is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when Rebecca comes online.





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