There’s Snow Everywhere and I’m Overworked

So I’m living vicariously, through myself, by looking at some old skate photos I got when I lived in San Francisco–a mere three hours from where I am now. Unfortunately our travel itinerary is tight and I won’t be able to spend any time in SF.




Photos by Dashiell Collins

In the bottom photo my steez is all shitty, but I like being able to see the entire bench like this. It’s right on Stanyan at Haight, right where Golden Gate Park begins. For all you goofy-footers out there (and retardedly good switch guys), it’s a really fun boardslide because you have to push hard from about Korea Town to get enough speed to slide the whole thing (sidewalks in SF are worse than Brooklyn’s, just saying).


haight-street-smith-2Photos by William Wheeler

The top one I like a lot, but I could only get a thumbnail size picture to show up here on my blog. The bigger one is a millisecond too late (to point out the obvious). I stuck this nearby jersey barrier thing in the whole and had a really fun time with the fucker (anybody who read my old SF blog–what the fuck was it called?–will remember these pics from before. Sorry).


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