We’re Getting Hella Love at 418 Suydam Street, Apt. 2L!

Okay, so this photo Becky took of me last Friday at the latest Cinema 16 event (which Greg co-organized) at Bushwick’s Starr Space pretty aptly sums up the week had by the occupants of 418 Suydam Street, Apt. 2L. But let’s start at the beginning of the week.

First off here’s a link to a new column I’m writing. I am pretty excited about it, needless to say because I don’t have to change a thing about myself finely-honed, journalistic perspective. The following anonymous commenter hits things pretty head-on:

“this is why people who recently moved [sic] NYC from the midwest should not be allowed to write about new yorkers. provincial ignoramuses.”

Owwww-and-you-can-take-your-recently-stone-sharped-dagger-out-of-my-back like now!

Then, as if to further sweeten the deal, Greg, who is now co-organizing the Cinema 16 (awesome!) event in Bushwick, received this here shout out.

(Ed-Sorry, we here at 418 Suydam Street, Apt. 2L will now collectively “get off our dicks”. [eww! Not like that; I mean, each of us, seperately,at completely divergent times of the week,  in the privacy of his own individual, seperate bedroom, behind closed doors, which reside in polar opposite ends of the apartment 418 Suydam Street, Apt. 2L shall dismount his own dick, independently, of each other.])

(Somehow, I think that sounds weirder.)

Here are some photos from Cinema 16 to divert your attention from the previous paragraph:


Meghan shows C16 support by scooping ice cream. (“Sure beats serving organic cold cuts to asshole yuppies!”) The options? Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla.Greg tried to wrangle me into ice cream duties, but, as you can see here, I wasn’t having it.

Here I talk to Laurens both Smith and Greene and goddamn it I look like I’m twelve.

More C16 photos to come!


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