Ever heard of a band called Tweak Bird?


I interviewed them for another site this week. Here’s some stuff I wouldn’t have been able to publish. They’re from the sticks in Carbondale, Illinois. Judging from a map, their neck of the woods is way closer to Nashville, Tennessee, than to Chicago. Thusly, we talked about hick stuff like guns. The talkative guy is Ashton (“A”), and the not-so-brimming-with-answers is Caleb. Their last name is Bird, and they picked “tweak” not because they like amphetamine, but because they like to “tweak” their brand of garage rock–the way we tweak method or indie or something. Anyhow, they were pretty nice guys. Their 7-song EP Reservations was hucked out on the street last year by Volcom Entertainment.

Did you guys do any four-wheeling? I know you guys like to go shoot guns.

A: Yeah [laughs]. My dad had this kind of weird friend and one time he had an AK 47 and some other semi-automatic/automatic that are probably illegal.

An AK 47 is definitely illegal.

A: Yeah, but it was just kind of a time when it had just kind of gotten that way. Anyway, those things are crazy.

I’m sure. So you guys took turns on the AK 47?

A: I actually don’t recall having the guts to go through with shooting it. I don’t have a very vivid memory of it. It probably would have hurt me.

Yeah, it must have an incredible kick to it.

A: Yeah, man. I was also only around eight-years-old, too [laughter].

Holy shit, dude. What kind of stuff did you guys like to shoot? Beer bottles, targets?

A: Just kind of what’s ever, I guess.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever shot up with a gun?

A: One time my friend brought a BB gun, and we shot some expired milk. It was pretty gnarly, like, pretty gross.

With a jug of liquid, I always aim high and then progressively lower, so that I get the added enjoyment of seeing it leak.

A: [laughs] Totally. I think it’s a pastime people should probably think about. They should shoot inanimate objects instead of each other, right?

Yeah. I think you and I have the rural benefit in seeing how guns can be used as tools, and recreationally. I mean, people in New York City where I’m calling you from, or just people who’ve always lived in urban areas, have a different way of viewing guns.

A: Yeah, I get that. We’re definitely not in that frame of mind, at all.

Is there a strong Libertarian sentiment around Southern Illinois and Carbondale? There’s a big one in Southeastern Iowa. You know, they’re very much like ‘Don’t Tread on Me.’ Is that something you have down there?

A: I guess I don’t understand the question.

Oh, it’s about people who want a lot of freedoms and they wan t a lot of rights. They want their guns and their land, they respect other’s privacy and freedoms. ‘Do what you want to your body, it’s your property. Leave me alone, don’t tread on me.’ The flag with the snake on it. Stuff like that.

A: Cool.


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