Hey Meghan!


The roiling embers of Greg’s hot hot fire.

Welcome to New York Meggers!!! Meghan has invented a new way of wearing a shirt as a scarf. I said wow and she said Don’t steal it! I told her if I did ever steal it, I would give her byline credit, but, because my last name is Madsen and Meghan’s is Sims, naturally my name would come first. See, that’s a lame journalism nod to me and Meghan’s history as firecrackers at our college newspaper. I met her in 2002 when I was an arts reporter and she was a metro reporter. She was sitting in the news bay when I asked her how she liked the section. I like it okay, she said, gesturing to a group of her editors nearby. “But what a bunch a fuckin’ squares!” I think that was the moment I realized she and I and Greg would soon move to New York and take over the world as a multi-media triumvirate. Funny and prophetic, too, that vision, because at that point I was still about three years off from meeting Greg.


Once Meghan quit hiding behind the shirt-scarf invention (that she and I co-hold patent on), she and Logan waxed on life and shit.

Danilo made a rare appearance, turned our mod-y peasoup walls mauve, and stomped about like a zombie. Tomorrow you must help me moooooooove to Ridgewood…..AAAAAA…..

If you squint your eyes and make the chair disappear, it kind of looks like Logan is doing that “flying” technique the Maharishi do. Logan, it should go without saying, is not impressed by such simple illusions.

greg-one-hundred-meter-dashTurns out, Greg was doing some flying of his own. He pulled a couple of us aside and said, “Dude, I just checked my party-OMETER and I’m going 100 mph!”

Angie made a weird face apropos to nothing at all.

patrick-oneNow, please believe me when I say I didn’t just walk around the party catching all my friends at embarrassing moments mid-sentence. I showed Patrick this picture and he said, “Wow, I look like a Downs with a touch of the gay.”

I held out the camera and took a picture of me and Caitlin. This one was much better than the second one where I look like I have an entire can of Kodiak in my maw.

Caitlin and Patrick were having a top-secret heart-to-heart so I made them re-enact it.

Back down to sixty! “I’m still running a little hot, though.”


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