Skating in my Neighborhood

no trespassingToday Greg and I went with some friends to eat brunch at the Northeast Kingdom. Afterwards, a couple peaced out to work, a couple peaced out to bed, and I peaced out to go skate my neighborhood. I only made it as far as the coffee shop until I realized I should have brought my gloves.


[Note: FUCK! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get frigging video to stick to this post. Please click this Vimeo link for some bro-less bro-cam footage.]

I have no idea why I set my camera here because it’s a pretty terrible angle. What would otherwise be needless John-Rattray-in-Videoradio-swerving is actually my doing my best to follow this narrow path past micro gullies and glaciers. You can’t see anything for shit, but there’s  another stack of H-shaped bars beyond the pipes, and I do a little front board. The roll-up is so crumby that it took me about a half-hour to get this simple line. But man oh man was I having fun.

i-heart-ny-state-parksAt first I thought it said “Skate Parks.”

dangling-shoesThe day I left Iowa City and steered that Penske truck to San Francisco, I threw a pair of well-loved SK8-Hi’s (with some very SF blaze orange laces) up around  a light pole in front of Mitch’s shop. When I moved here to Bushwick a year later, I didn’t have much money so I began skating these then-pristine Mike Carroll Lakai’s. Afterward, I opted to throw them up instead of out. Now, I’m aware the dangling shoe-thing is serious skate rat stuff, but who cares? They have the Thrasher Sk8 Goat logo on them! It’s been a couple months now that these two have been winding around each other.


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