Hope @ Roebling

triangle-ledge-2Holy fucking shit.

triangle-ledgeBring wire-cutters.


4 Responses to “Hope @ Roebling”

  1. too bad there is snow everywhere.

    SF 1 NY 0

  2. what are you gonna do on there anyway, you dont’ got no bank tricks, fool

    • aw shit Wolf! As I recall there was a day when we went to McDonald’s. We were both pretty hungry, but I guess I was a little bit more. I order that third quarter pounder, which I washed down with a large chocolate shake. Then we went to the skate park. Remember how you were saying, damn, dude, you at all that food and you’re still boosting those heelflip variations on the bank! Fakie heels, fool! Fakie heels!

      But too bad my switch ollie sucks and I wouldn’t be able to step to this bank. You’re neglecting, Wolf, the metal edge of the damn thing. I see an escalator fifty fifty once this damn snow melts.

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