666-0000: MOB HQ ph#

satans-dumpsterAt first I just thought this dumpster was all devilish and punk rock, but a friend walking with me  was saying how the New York mob runs the dumpster business!  (I was going  to write the obvious pun “Talk about dirty money, wink wink” but…Fuck it! I just did!)  He went on to say how Tony Soprano does this, and it’s a great way to dispose of bodies. I guess I was a little thrown off because he talked about Tony Soprano as if he was a living, breathing person with an awesomely unincriminating reality show.  I made fun of him for this and he was all, “Shucks. You know what I mean.” My weyon friend laughed, but then I felt like a jerk to my other friend who’s always nice to me. Sorry Jordan.


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