Wow! Pappalardo’s got, like, 18 episodes!!!

OK, so anybody who’s talked to me about street skating in recent years knows what a retard I am for the skating of Pops, a.k.a. Anthony Pappalardo, a.k.a. “the dude who lives right by the BQE, no big deal, he’s just a dude”. Well no shit smart guy. Like a lot of skate nerds, I check out Epicly Later’d every day, hoping against hope for a link to a new episode (I’m a viceland member, but Patrick always links to the newest episode on his photo blog at least a day before viceland sends out its personalized email notifications, so, like, c’mon: this is where you check for the latest Epicly Later’d eps!). Today, this is what I spied with my little eyes:


And I got way fucking hyped!

title-page-2Holy shit! That’s Pop’s dog, and because he’s a shelter creature (like my Truman Catpote), he named him “Stray”.


This is what I look at everynight. Yeah, you’ll notice a “stray” can of Coors in the periferial.

pops-static-1My computer screen, god bless it, gets dirty from the not-so-sporatical spray of tallcans being opened, but you only notice it when I accidently forget to turn off the flash of my digi-point-and-shoot. Here, Pops is saying something I shouldn’t nearly be so interested by.

pops-habitatSuch a good part. Such a good video. I bought Habitat’s  Mosiac when I lived on South Lucas in Iowa City in late-2003. I lived in a total punk rock dive house, a place formally known as the Theta Beta Potata Dorms. Ross, who was the manager of That’s Rentertainment (a super rad video rental in Iowa City that hooked up all roommates of Ross with free rentals for the length of co-habitation), had mounted a teevee/vcr set in the corner of the living room, shortly after Mosiac arrived at our local shop, The Full Kit. Like everybody, I bought a VHS copy (which marks Mosiac as probably the last epic video put out on tape) and wore the shit out of it. My routine, starting each Thursday, was to finish all my school work and articles for the college paper, skate all afternoon, come home with beer, and watch this video while  smoking a bowl and calling my then-heart-throb (who currently works at Black Bird Parlour, on Bedford Av. at N. 6th). I had been mystified by Pop’s part in Ty Evan’s 2000 i.e. and the following year’s Photosynthesis, but that was for an entirely different reason. The way I see it, Pops appeared in the twilight of Philly’s LOVE Park scene, which, to my Iowan, video-watching eyes, was spear-headed (in no particular order) by Josh Kalis, Ricky Oyola, Vern Laird, Serge Trudnowski, a very young Bam Margera, Lil’ Stevie, Kerry Getz, Michael Maldonado, Matt Reason, and, at the same time as Pops, a promising Brian Wenning. Pops’ switch ollying the LOVE fountain gap solidified, in my mind, his proper place in that crucial moment in time. In hindsight with consideration to his Mosiac part, it’s here I first noticed Pappalardo’s initiative in becoming “that other kind of street skater”.

grandfather-1It’s funny watching Pappalardo speak, because most times he sounds like a quintessential East Coast-lifer, and, the next moment, when he’s either ending a schpeel with “there you are…” or “so that’s that”, he sounds like one of my Italian uncle’s ending a reluctant monologue. What happened to Pappalardo to make him sound so old-mannish?!

pops-kickflip-1Fuuuuuuck. This is such a sick spot/trick-slash-everything. As Pappalardo concedes in this first episode, a lot of people could do the tricks he put together for Fully Flared, yet that’s exactly why I like late-Pops so much: his skating is conceivable. I find his skating interesting the same way I find interesting the way Picasso went from painting near-photographic portraits of prostitutes to drawing hugely significant comic cells of Francisco Franco riding over to Morraco with a huge, cartoon dong and being a huge douchebag. Pops could still put together highly technical skating that would give, say, Mike Mo a run for his money, but Pops, from the way he explains it, finds that catch-up game really exhausting, and ultimately, really boring. “Now, everybody’s really good at skateboarding.” To dig Pops’ stuff now, all anybody needs is the creative eye for the crusty and challenging spots. And if you live in North Brooklyn, it’s all we really have here. And although Pops is too modest to acknowledge this, it this very brand of selective, non-trend-riding street skating that is so often summed up as quintessentially New York.

new-fav-journoThis guy has known what time it is for a while now. Check out his website here.

crazy-dudeBasically this post is just the transcription of what this crazy was talking about.

props-daniloProps Danilo!!!


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