Mini-ramp Sesh!

sk8goatTis Thee Sk8 Goat!!!

This is what Danilo, his SF buddy Harry, and I did last night: we skated this mini-ramp, lodged in the living room of this guy Kevin’s warehouse apartment, which is litarally three blocks from my place in Bushwick. It was fucking rad.

harry-dropping1Harry just got back from an amazing trip to Ghana to see his good friend get married. He showed us the photos he’d just scanned, and they were really amazing. Danilo and Harry kept talking about how great the film colors were, so I didn’t let on about what a PowerShot guy I am.

headless-daniloDanilo is so good at skating minis I chopped off his head. Sorry, but that’s what you get.

danilo-2Okay, fiiiiiine. I was being a jerk so here’s your upper-half back. You can already see that blunt flip out burning in his retinas.

death-metalKevin and his roommates have some awesome art hanging in their apartment. “Wimps and Posers Leave the Hall” indeed.

ravenEdgar Allan Poe pretty much single-handedly turned the Raven into the most bad-ass bird imaginable.

kevin-oneKevin is showing Mark all these new toys he bought his SLR. I was talking to him about shooting some skate photos for Crust + Commerce, and he seemed into it. Mark is starting a skateboard company, which I think is brilliant.

skate-fridgeI frigging love skate houses.

NOTE: I have all this footage of the mini ramp sesh that ensued, but I have to figure out how to re-format it so my blogsite will host it. I’ve got an idea how I can work around it in the meantime and at least get some stills up. But right now it’s 2:27 and precious daylight is dwindling. I’m going to strap on my skate shoes, crush a cup of coffee at the WACK-STARR, and cruise around my neighborhood. Somebody curbed a refridgerator that I’m going to knock over and skate.



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