Mission statement: Here’s whaddup.

Crust + Commerce came about for two reasons. One, I have all these friends who are really talented photographers and illustrators:




Two, I can’t do either for shit. I can, however, learn to screen-print.

Basically, here’s how crustandcommerce(.wordpress).com will function: as contributions come trickling in from my overworked (i.e. lazy) and brilliant (read touched with the down) buddies, I’ll post them here. If you like a design and want it on a t-shirt or something like that, send me an email and I’ll print it on most anything you want (after we talk $cratch). I say, too, that I’m not trying to make money (for the time being) from this (yet). Also, because I can’t pay my buds, I won’t ask you to pay above cost. There’s nothing worse that a rad t-shirt going for $35, and there’s nothing more compulsively purchased (beyond gum and tabloids) than a rad t-shirt that goes for, what? 10, 15 bucks?

And because I would never actively encourage my buddies to become adderal-crushing art factories or anything, I’ll also fill space with posts about rad stuff while they busy themselves being awesome. Like Jay-Z’s mom said, “Now isn’t that nice?”


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